"I delighted to be a part of the new skills register. It’s a great privilege to involved in the Advisory Committee and to be working with such a dedicated and passionate group of professionals. I look forward to helping our great industry forward to being the world leader it once was."

Fiona Hood
Spa Owner – Renaissance Health & Beauty Therapy

"Working towards improving the level of standards within our industry is of paramount importance to me and Grafton International. Grafton International and I want to give our customers the chance to excel within their business and the treatments they offer. Grafton International and I believe by working with HABIA and SkillsActive, the Beauty register is the start of this process, to regain our high level of standards and treatments within our industry. I'm thrilled to be involved in this register."

Laura Maddock
Education Manager - Grafton International

"I am so very pleased to be a part of what I hope will be a defining development in the restoration of quality in the beauty services sector. I look forward to the future of this initiative with very high expectations for the impact it will achieve on everyone in the sector."

Lorraine Winslade (Vice Chairperson)
Director – Love Your Skin

"It am really excited to be involved with the Habia/SkillsActive Professional Register for the Beauty Industry, it is something that I believe is long overdue and will be a very welcome introduction.

This register is essential in the development and increase of industry standards and is the perfect platform for the professional and dedicated therapist to stand out from the crowd, as well as providing the consumer with the assurance that their therapist is a true professional.

In my role as Chairman of the Advisory Committee I am entirely committed to the development and awareness of the register. This industry is, and always has been, my greatest passion and I am really looking forward to the work that the committee and I will achieve moving forward."

Marie Louise Coster (Chairperson)
Salon Owner, Educator and Beauty Feature Writer – All About Mi Beauty Therapy and Training, Thea Skincare 

"I am delighted to have been selected to be a member on the advisory committee, and look forward to working with the members of the committee for the future of our industry. My passion is to ensure that all areas of our industry are containing to raise and maintain high standards, professionalism and solid underpinned knowledge.

We need to work together as one in our industry to ensure we are setting the standards others wish to follow; the register of professionals will aid towards this process, and enable all to give the customer the best professional experience. Get on board and be part of building the future of our amazing industry."

Kim Ford
Director, lecturer, Assessor – international CIBTAC Examiner/Expert Beauty Solutions/

 "I'm incredibly proud to be part of the Habia, SkillsActive Register Advisory Committee. I’m passionate about the standards in my industry and see the Professional Register as an invaluable tool for consumers seeking out highly skilled, correctly trained and fully insured therapists."

Sam Marshall
Educator – The Beauty Guru, Sun-Believable, Leighton Denny Expert Nails

"I am delighted to be involved in the Professional Registers Advisory Committee, it’s fantastic to be a part of body who all have the same vision for industry - Raising Standards. I look forward to seeing what could be achieved."

Colin Laphan
Director, Art Deco

"I am honoured and truly privileged to be part of an inspired group of high standard industry experts for the Register of Beauty, Nails and Spa. As a group, I am sure the passion, guidance and support for the register will drive it in the right direction in raising standards in an industry which is full of so many career prospects. Our industry requires to be seen, heard, recognised and respected for the professionals that we are."

Jacque Vidal
Compliance and Standards Manager (Beauty, Nails & Spa)

"As the ambassador for these Professionals Registers, I believe that going forward the HABIA's Professional Registers for Beauty, Nails and Spa will provide an insightful benchmark useful to both consumers and employers in identifying 'professionals' within the industry, that are operating at national standards."

Gina Akers
HABIA Ambassador, from Channel 4's The Salon, TV & Radio Beauty Expert/Beauty Journalist, FE Lecturer, NVQ Assessor

"What a great idea. For Virgin Active this will certainly facilitate recruitment. To know that members meet the clear levels of qualification outlined will help to shortlist."

Emma Williams
Assistant Head of Health & Beauty, Virgin Active

"This development is well overdue and will bring some much needed clarity in our industry. Urban Retreat (Harrods) employs both nail technicians and therapists and we see this is as the most significant professional standards development. We will be part of this from the start and will support the implementation across our industry."

Jo Harris
Group Head of Beauty at Urban Retreat

"As an employer I recognise the benefits of having a recognised industry standard qualification. The idea of having a set of standards that therapists' performance and training can be measured against is very appealing."

Carol Whyte
Area Facility Development Manager, Renfrewshire Leisure (including Eve Spa)

"Well done to Habia for getting started with this. Our brands are delighted to support Registers as it will help to showcase our industry as professional and responsible."

Mitchell Field
Director, Richards and Appleby Ltd

"I am delighted that this initiative is being taken up by the industry authority. I have been involved in the sector for over 30 years and believe that recognising and upholding standards is critical to public confidence. There should be no short-cuts to delivering a professional service so giving clarity to public and professionals alike is long overdue."

Dr Nick Lowe MD, FRCP, FACP

"Bannatynes believe the introduction of a professional register will help employers and customers validate therapists qualifications and experience."

Bannatynes Health & Fitness 

"Carlton Professional is delighted to support Professional Registers; they will bring much needed recognition and value for the professionals in the industry".

Angela Barbagelata
Carlton Professionals

"ABT, as the largest beauty and insurance membership provider in the UK, are fully supportive of the introduction of the professional registers in the beauty, nails and spa industries by Habia and SkillsActive. With so many courses of varying duration and quality now available, along with numerous accreditations and memberships, hopefully it will bring some much needed clarity over who is actually qualified in the industry to the benefit of employers, professionals and consumers. We will be engaging with Habia over how our eligible members can join the register."

ABT – Associated Beauty Therapists 

"In representing the interests of our members, The UK Spa Association (SPA-UK) is fully committed to supporting Habia and SkillsActive with the introduction of a professional register or Spa Professionals. We see the register as a platform for both recognising and reinforcing the professional standards that our members are so passionate about, whilst delivering tangible benefits in recruitment and training."

"SPA-UK will be represented by our members on the Registers Advisory Committee to ensure that the initiative develops with the needs of employers very much its heart. Through the our Association we will ensure a joined up approach to allow all our members to be able to contribute and speak with one voice."

UK Spa Association

“The Beauty Companies Association (BCA) was founded to enable committed, ethical and reputable industry suppliers to work together in order to progress professionalism in the sector. We fully support the introduction of the independent Professional Registers in Beauty, Nails and Spa by Habia. We see this as a vital step in raising the profile of our industry, supporting those who are appropriately qualified and helping to protect the public from those who are not adequately trained.”

BCA Support for the Professional Registers