User Testimonials

“The register is a very positive introduction and one that, in my opinion, is long overdue. We are an industry that has no minimum standard and these registers will be invaluable in creating and raising standards and providing a benchmark for therapists to strive for as well as showing the public those therapists who excel and are passionate about what they do”.

Marie-Louise Coster, Chair of the Register Advisory Committee


“It is worth registering! I did because it is great to belong to such an esteemed group of professionals while gaining the highest level of recognition for my practice and expertise”.

Glenis Wade


“The Register of Beauty professionals helps to regulate and raise standards in the industry to recognise quality, professionalism, education and protect the public, our clients, from unqualified or unprofessional ‘therapists’. We should be proud of what we do and who we are, and this register helps to promote us as an industry that is serious about its members by screening applicants for the register, so the public can be sure that anyone on the list will be a safe pair of hands to be treated by”.

Jane De Vera Lee


“I’m proud to be part of a statutory body which recognises our commitment to quality and professionalism within our industry. Client protection and satisfaction is of upmost importance in an industry where education and thorough training are essential'.

Gillian Huntley


“Joining the Register of Beauty Professionals was a no-brainer. As a training provider, salon owner and working therapist, I am proud to belong to an independent body that promotes the highest standards of education and professionalism within our sector - our clients, and our industry, deserve nothing less”.

Andy Rouillard


“I am in full support of the Register of Beauty Professionals. I am an advocate for maintaining professional standards in the industry. I believe the industry should be regulated and the Professional Register is a step in the right direction”.

Gina Ackers


"Industry Support for the Register of Beauty Therapists “Regis Salons prefer the employment of beauty professionals that are already on the register. The beauty register facilities the recruitment process as it evidences industry qualifications requested from prospective employees”.

Fran Hayter, Head of Beauty, Regis UK Ltd.