What is a Professional Register?

A register is a list of professionals conducting professional job roles (in our case beauty, nails and spa) who are able to evidence that they meet set criteria to demonstrate competence. The register will be accessible by the general public to verify that their treatments are delivered by someone appropriately qualified.

Why is this being introduced?

The government-supported registers are being introduced to raise the profile and standards of industry professionals, bring clarity to employers and peace of mind to consumers.

For employers, the existence of an independent register will give reassurance that their potential employees have industry backed verified skills to do the job and are committed to professional advancement.  Any business that insists on their staff being on the register will be able to market to their customer that their staff have professional industry recognition and are appropriately qualified.

Our industry can involve the application of complicated treatments as well as the use of chemicals and electrical equipment and therefore there is scope for complaint and injury if these are not administered correctly. Certain professions can also have low costs of entry which raises instances of individuals practicing without recognised qualifications and skills.

How much will it cost?

Membership to the Register will cost £38 (inc. VAT) for one year.

How was the joining criteria defined?

The initial scoping work was carried out by an independent technical expert group run by Habia as part of its governance structure. This group reviewed the common job roles and assessed the various courses and qualifications that are (or have been) available and designed to ensure people are competent to perform these roles. There will be no requirement for these to have been delivered by any particular training provider, membership scheme or through any particular awarding organisation.

How will this work with existing industry memberships and insurance approved training courses?

This is an independent and inclusive initiative. The joining criteria and categorisation have been agreed by industry, any completed training that meets these criteria would entitle someone to join the Register. Where courses or providers are already accredited by a third party, we will be seeking to work with the approving organisation in line with the objectives and criteria of the register.

I have been practicing for 20 years and don't hold any modern qualifications. Will I be able to join?

The register is about competence as well as qualifications. We are currently developing a process to address this issue and ensure that the register remains inclusive when meeting its prime objectives.

I am currently studying to gain a professional qualification; will I be able to join?

Student membership is available providing evidence from the training provider is submitted.

How will someone remain on the Register?

For an individual to remain on the Register a minimum amount of CPD completion hours is required. The detail for the CPD system is currently in development and will be released when complete. Given the regular introduction of new techniques and equipment across our industry, registered professionals will be required to commit to keeping their skills up to date.

How will evidence of competence be collected?

In order to join the Register, professionals will have to submit a copy of their qualifying certificates or qualifications. Once on the Register individuals will receive a registration certificate. 

Why is Hair not included?

Habia is a long-time supporter of the Hairdressing Council and promotes the voluntary state register. We hope to see this register grow and support the Hairdressing Council in its actions to introduce mandatory state registration of hairdressers across the UK.